Eradication Steps on Legionellas Disease

The Legionella virus brings about the dreaded Legionnaires disease which can be fatal if not noted early with better preventive measures set in place. This is a serious health condition caused by a certain kind of water bacteria.


All developed nations are aware of the Legionella virus that travels through water which may infect the pipelines of societies. These nations would have in place legislature that insists on assessing a legionella disease risk at every establishment with waterworks and people. The assessment exercise ensures that no worker be exposed to this possibly deadly disease.

Government appointed agencies are sent out to homes and commercial establishments to conduct such evaluations regularly as a preventive measure against Legionellas disease. Water sources at these properties are meticulously tested for the presence of the dreaded bacteria. Stagnant water offers a higher rate of harboring the Legionella virus which could break out into a disease.

Any form of risk on Legionellas disease must be immediately eradicated to prevent further development that can be fatal. Professional health check agencies on Legionellas disease carry out the water and plumbing checks thoroughly to ensure there is no virus at the establishment before a certificate of clean bill of health is issued.

Such evaluation exercises are conducted annually to ensure that the establishment is free from the Legionella virus.

Possible sources

The Legionellas disease sprouts from the presence of its bacteria in water sources but there are other possible sources for its virus. Other common breeding ground for the Legionellas virus includes showering units and cooling towers which have temperature and nutrients that are conducive for the legionella virus to develop.

Immediate treatment is required to get rid of the virus to prevent further serious outbreak. Water storages and unhygienic water operating practices may encourage the growth of the virus. The virus in water droplets can be transported by wind to another source or destination where the breeding can be more rampant due to poor hygiene conditions. Rivers, pools, lakes, streams, lakes, pools and reservoirs may have traces of Legionella virus.


An impactful treatment on the Legionalla virus is to secure temperatures over 50 degrees Celsius that would kill the virus. The virus can also be controlled at temperatures under 20 degrees Celsius to avoid breeding and activity.

Various chemicals can be applied into the water system to eliminate the virus as long as the chemicals have no adverse effect on humans and other living things.

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